My name is Buzz Lawrence and I am a full time professional entertainer who specializes in making parties successful. If you require a strolling or walk around magician to perform for your event, look no further. I go beyond card and coin tricks to amuse and mystify your guests by providing an entertaining close-up performance. Each strolling show is filled with Magic, Mind Reading, Comedy, and volunteer participation; all in good, clean fun! I appeal to a wide variety of audiences, young and old alike. I have an exciting new and fast paced style that entertains as well as mystifies audiences of all ages. I utilize the latest and greatest, state of the art magic illusions available today to perform a close-up routine as exciting to your guests as a grand stage extravaganza.

Close up magic takes place within inches of the audience, or in their hands, making it, arguably, the most powerful type of magic. Typically it is done by other magicians with cards, coins, rubber bands and other ordinary objects. I avoid this type of entertainment to bring your guests the top state of the art mentalist and mindreading routines. I have a highly mobile act that can run from 5 minutes to 10 minutes per session. I'm constantly honing my mentalist skills to keep up with current trends and enhance my performances.

I have performed hundreds of shows, including private parties, corporate events, trade shows, restaurants, schools shows and theme parks in addition to numerous charity benefits. I enjoy working with talent agents and event planners. If you're a meeting planner or agent, please know that I will always work with you to provide your clients the very best of entertainment.

Think of a Mind Reader and a Magician all rolled into one! From a small gathering to a large event, I will dazzle your guests. If you have an event to showcase a 'product' I can even adjust my act to include the product in the performance and make it stand out.

I can be booked for any event held between Monterey and San Francisco.

For further information you can call me at 415.816.0099, or email me at for a quick reply.